Was it Spectacular?

A memoir

by Anne B. Thomas


Forthcoming in 2018!

Test audiences rave about the book:

"Its authentic, like her  heart wrote it."

"A compelling story, in a self-deprecating, bright and buoyant voice.  Very poetic."

"Reading this book is like taking a Prozac pill!"


Anne B Thomas2.jpg

Paralyzed in a car accident in 1976, at the age of 18, when there are no curb cuts, ramps or handicap bathrooms and some states still sterilize people with disabilities, Anne’s doctor tells her to check herself into a nursing home for the rest of her life to avoid being a burden on her family.  Instead, Anne forged a career as a civil rights attorney, conflict resolution expert, and leadership development innovator and finally as an executive at the World Bank.  

In 2008, Anne was diagnosed with a terminal blood disease and given 1-2 years to live.  Never one to give up, Anne quit work, focused on her health and reinvented herself as a storyteller and writer winning a national storytelling contest in 2013. Stories from her life have been featured on national US storytelling programs such as The Moth, Storycorps, and RISK! 

As a performer and writer, on stage and on the page, Anne speaks from the heart about her life and experience triumphing over disability, illness and obstacles both social and physical. Anne’s stories speak to everyone who has a body, a dream, obstacles, hope, determination and a desire to live large.   

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