Anne is fabulous. Compelling, poignant, funny. 
 She touched everyone in the room.”

“She touched our hearts.”

“Anne Thomas lives in me now.”

“In 9 minutes, Anne had IMPACT. During the session, people interrupted her with applause, collective groans (in her defense), and "yeahs" of approval. She was a superstar! People were crying, mesmerized, laughing (in relief), and changed in 9 minutes because of Anne.”

“People wept, laughed, and were educated as they were pulled
into her story.”

“Anne has opened new horizons for me and my colleagues in delivering presentations for impact. Anne has a marvelous ability to turn dry analyses, findings and recommendations into powerful stories. And, she is extremely effective in teaching others to do so.”

“Anne is a natural communications coach, which I can verify from firsthand experience. Her easy rapport and innate ability to help one find ones voice, sharpen messages and deliver high-impact, memorable interventions is, simply, amazing.”